uno di noi

Production year: 2016
Riccardo and Erica have been married for years but they can not have children. They have tried everything, even the insemination, but to no avail. So they decided to try the way of the adoption. All talks and visits went well, but only after several years, they are able to have a child in provisional custody. Precisely for this reason will be subject to constant supervision by a terrible social worker who wants to test the compatibility between the parents and the child. For them it is a great joy, even if Riccardo is troubled by the news that the baby is from Sicily, with the excuse that his family could not accept it, having preconceptions about Sicilians. But the shock of Riccardo is even stronger when he realizes that the child is black! While Erica accepts him immediately as his son and love him from the first moment, Riccardo shows very detachment against him. This child will suffer and the social worker, doing checks knockout, is increasingly convinced that Riccardo is not suitable…


Production Company: Reset production & ENGIM
Director: Max Nardari
Photography Director: Giuditta Paolini
Screenwriters: Max Nardari, Roberto Carrubba and Fausto Petronzio
Production Director: Emiliano Totteri
Script Supervisor: Antonio Padovani
Director Assistant: Diana Parisi
Camera Operator: Vito Calabrese
Script Editor: Martha Risi
Sound: Emanuela Cottellessa
Editor: Massimo Alberto Croce
Costume Design: Renata Ercoli
Production Design: Roberto Conforti
Makeup and Hairstylist: Alessandra di Lorenzo
Set Photographer: Cristina di Paolo Antonio

foto di Cristina di Paolo Antonio