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Reset production srl is an indipendent film company created by the director, screenwriter and producer MAX NARDARI

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Since 2003 Reset production realized one feature film, 7 short films, 40 music videos and 5 documentaries.

From 2004 to 2007 Reset cooperated with the national and international commercial production companies FilmMaster and BRW & Partners, realizing backstage and commercials for major national and international events.

From 2009 to 2012 Reset realized social commercials and documentaries for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many Onlus Foundations including LTFB , the Segafredo Zanetti Onlus Coffee, the Magis and Engim Onlus International.
From 2006 to 2013 Reset produced several short films including a trilogy of social comedies about different issues as immigration, meritocracy and homophobia. The trilogy won several awards including a nomination for the David of Donatello 2013.
Since 2015, the trilogy is distributed in preview on RAI CINEMA channel and CNLIVE. Since 2015 Reset production is part of AGPCI, association of the young italian independent producers.
In 2016 Reset produces entirely THE FAMILY JUMBLE, the second feature film by Max Nardari.The world international premiere has been on 15 th july 2016 at the Festival Skip City in Tokyo. The film has already been sold in many asian countries by the international seller Medialuna.
In december 2016 the film wins “The Celluloid Prize” (Salerno International Film Festival).
The film will be screened in Italy on 30 th march 2017 with Europictures distribution.
In 2016 produces with the Onlus ENGIM the social short film ONE OF US. The short film is sponsored by The Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Currently Reset Production is working on the next project titled HE & HIM, the new feature film by Max Nardari. The film is adapted from the 2010 short film.

Administrator company

Max Nardari is director, screenwriter, producer and songwriter.Born in Treviso, Italy, he then graduates in Literature and Philosophy in Bologna, with a thesis on Pedro Almodovar’s movies.
In 2000 Max studies film direction at the NUCT film school in Rome. He starts his career directing videoclips and writing songs for several Italian artists, as Raf, Paola & Chiara and Fabrizio Moro.
In 2002 he attends the screenwriting course at RAI Italian State Channel in Rome.In 2003 then he founded Reset Production and he produced and directed music videos, short films and commercials.
From 2003 to 2007 he collaborates with Film Master Production Company and BRW & Partners producing commercials.In 2010 Max realizes various social spots and docs for the Foreign Affairs Ministry and for many Foundations as Ltfb, Magis, Engim and Zanetti.
From 2006 to 2016 he writes, directs and produces with his own production company (Reset Production) six short films winners of several awards (Jakarta Film Festival-Indonesia, Naoussa Film Festival – Greece, Kaleidoshort Film Festival- London, Rome Riff Festival and many others).
The short films (“Trilogy about Diversity”) Lui & l’altro, Lei & l’altra and Noi & gli altri, are distributed exclusively on the web channel Rai Cinema. The Trilogy is also part of a project funded by the Foreign Ministry and sponsored by Agis school involving 15.000 students from over 200 secondary schools across Italy for the fight against discrimination.
Lui & l’altro in 2010 presented in Italy at the Macro Museum in Rome by Stuart Milk, Advisor to the former President of the United States of America Barack Obama. The short film wins five awards including Best Screenplay (Rome Festival 2011) and Best Director (Turin Film Festival 2011).
-Lei & l’altra, wins 18 awards, including Best Director (Cortinametraggio 2012), best short film for the audience (Circeo Film Festival 2012), Best Score and Best Actress (Gulf of Poets Festival 2013) with a nomination for the David of Donatello 2012.
-Noi & gli altri wins 13 awards including Best director and Best actress (Artelesia Film Festival 2013), Best Screenplay (Smiling Film Festival), Best Short (Gulf of Poets Festival 2013) and is selected in America from New Jersey Film Festival in collaboration with The Rutgers State University.
In 2014 Max writes and directs his first feature film Di tutti i colori (Like a Rainbow) supported by Cultural Heritage Ministry. The film is produced by the Italian film company Bell film and White Wolf production in co-production with the Russian film companies Oda ltd film and Zori Film ltd.
The Russian version, Love pret-a-portè, will be on screen in Russia the 1 st march 2017, distributed by Paradise.
In January 2016 Reset production srl produces Max Nardari ’s second feature film La mia famiglia a soqquadro (The family jumble). The world international premiere has been on 15 th july 2016 at the Festival Skip City in Tokyo. The film has already been sold in many asian countries by the international seller Medialuna.
In december 2016 the film wins “The Celluloid Prize” (Salerno International Film Festival).
The film will be screened in Italy on 30 th march 2017 with Europictures distribution.
In March 2016 Max directs and produces a new short film Uno di noi, supported by Foreign Ministry and sponsored by Agis school. The film will be distributed on the web channel Rai Cinema and will be screened in 250 italian schools as teaching material for the fight against racism.
Currently Max Nardari is going to prepare his third feature film, Lui & L’altro, inspired from his previous short film, whose shooting is scheduled for summer 2017. The film will be produced by Reset production.

Responsible amministration and finance

The lawyer Renea Rocchino Nardari is graduated in law from the University of Padova. She followed the legal career specializing in family law.
In 1988 she received her doctorate in Canon law and subsequently she completed the process of studying at the Apostolic Tribunal in Rome, becoming in 1991 the first italian woman lawyer of the Sacra Rota and octave in the world. Rotal lawyers enrolled in the special register may exercise not only at the Sacra Rota but also in all the ecclesiastical courts. Renea Nardari worked for over forty years on national and international territory. In 2012 she published the book FIGLI VIOLATI (Children violated), six true stories of separated couples edited by Effatà.
In 2014 she published her second book PADRI CALPESTATI (Fathers trampled).
Renea Nardari participated in several TV shows on RAI and Mediaset and she has been rapporteur in many italian cities.
In 2015 she becomes a member of the Reset Production to follow the administrative and financial part of the film company.

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Production coordinator

Roberto Carrubba born in Sicily. He graduated in law at the University of Catania and he graduated  from the Bologna teather school Alessandra Galante Garrone .
In 2013 she starts working with Reset Production for the short film NOI E GLI ALTRI (We & the other) as well he works as an actor.
In 2016 he has got an active part in the creation and production of the film THE FAMILY JUMBLE .
He deals with the company in production and in communication.